A Little Bit About Garage Door Springs

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Have you ever wondered what kinds of springs are used on your garage door? There are basically two kinds of springs used on garage doors: extension springs and torsion springs. To find out which kind of spring you have, go out to your garage and look at the apparatus around your door. If you see two springs one either side of the door, then you have extension springs. If you see one long one located horizontally over the door, then you have a torsion spring.

Extension springs are placed on either side of the door and are used most often with single size garage doors, as they are not as strong as torsion springs. They stretch as the door opens and closes and are made especially for the height of your particular garage, and the weight of the door. These springs work on a pulley system and each one lifts half the weight of the garage door. The actual length of the necessary spring can vary according to design, but it must be capable of stretching for a length that is half the height of your garage doorway. Extension springs that are improperly chosen can result in a garage door that either will not stay closed or will not stay open properly, one or the other.

Torsion springs are called wound springs, which mean basically that instead of being stretched out they wind and unwind. These springs can be tremendously strong and generally are the spring of choice for heavier double garage doorways. They are under a great deal of pressure, and unless you really know what you are doing, it is not very safe to attempt to change a broken one on your own. Definitely a time to call in help!

The purpose of the springs used on garage entry doors is the balance the weight of the door itself. They act like an old fashion counterweight, making the door itself seem relatively weightless so that it can be opened and closed with ease. This is why we can do it by hand even when the automatic opener fails. Without the springs we would be required to lift the entire weight of the door ourselves.

You can help to maintain your garage door springs by oiling them once a month or so. This will help the entire system to function better, and will extend the life of the springs. If a spring breaks then your door will no longer open and close properly. Spring replacement is complicated and sometimes dangerous, and is one of those things even do-it-yourselfers usually prefer to leave to professionals.

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A Little Bit About Garage Door Springs

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This article was published on 2011/06/19