Replacing the Torsion Springs on Your Garage Door

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The torsion springs are the most essential element of any garage door that is either manually or remotely operated, as the springs are what lift the weight in order for the garage door to rise. As with all working parts in any appliance in the home, the springs will wear out after some time, and eventually need replacing. This is not a simple DIY project, and can be potentially dangerous, so often is best left with the specialists.

If you decide that you are going to attempt to replace the torsion springs of your garage door yourself, make sure you have someone by your side, in order to both help you, and in case of accident. Springs are potentially very hazardous, and an extra pair of hands really is essential.

If you have decided to go ahead and change the springs yourself, firstly, you must remember that springs come in varying sizes and it is essential to replace the springs with the adequate size. Check the wire size, diameter and length of the springs to ensure you are buying the correct product. The spring must be sufficiently strong to hold the weight of the garage door, and wrongly fitting spring really is an accident weighting to happen.

To ensure you buy the right springs, shop around and compare prices. If you cannot find a high street dealer near you who has the correct springs, then look on line. Make sure you know the measurements you require before attempting to order the parts on line. Whilst changing the springs for your garage door, make sure you do a general overhaul of your garage door at the same tome, looking for wear and tear on the pulleys, ropes as well as the hardware. Look for signs of corrosion and check all moving parts of your door; then you can give your door a complete over haul at the same time as you change the springs.

Make sure you have all the tools set out ready before you start to disassemble the door, accessible and by your side. Always have some one by your side who can pass you the necessary tools, as if you let go of the spring at the wrong time it could prove fatal. Once the springs have been replaced, the door should run smoothly and the springs should be strong enough to lift the door with no problem. A test to make sure that you have the torque on the screws correct on a traditional up and over door is to lift the door to half way. If the torque is correct, then the door should stay in this middle position. If the door rises by itself, then the springs need to be loosened, if the door closes by itself, then the springs need to be tightened a little more.

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Replacing the Torsion Springs on Your Garage Door

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Replacing the Torsion Springs on Your Garage Door

This article was published on 2011/04/18